About Us


The headquarters of Chinese Style (www.chinesestyle.com) is located in Hangzhou, where is not only the one of the most beautiful cities in China, but also the capital of both traditional Chinese culture and modern e-commerce. Our mission is to contribute the globalization of Chinese traditional culture and products through the Internet. Our e-commerce website (www.chinesestyle.com) is a platform on which those thousands of unknown craftsmen could show their flawless skills and amazing products. Among them, you will meet excellent cheongsam designers, skillful embroiderers, experienced tea-set makers and so on. They are not only creating amazing works, but also showing the craftsman spirit with long history. 

国风网(ChineseStyle.com)总部位于中国最美丽的城市之一 — 杭州,这里既是中国传统文化之都,也是现代电商之都。我们的使命是运用“互联网+传统文化”为中国文化和特色产品走向全球服务。我们的电商网站国风网要让中国成千上万默默无闻的传统匠人从幕后走向前台,他们或是优秀的旗袍设计师,或是巧夺天工的绣娘,或是茶具的制作者… 他们不仅是在创作一件件精美的作品,更是在一代代传承宝贵的匠人精神。