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Chinese Herbal Care

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TongRenTang Organic Dried Goji Berry/Wolfberry/Lycium Berry

Gou Qi, 200g/ 7oz, Slim Weight Loss

14 Cups Vacuum Cupping Set, Magnetic Acupuncture Therapy, Apparatus Suction

Slimming Body, Pain Relief, Slim Weight Loss.

QiZheng Brand Xiao Tong Tie Gao 5 Patches/Pack


LINGRUI/ 10 Patches Zhuanggu Shexiang Zhitong Gao 壮骨麝香止痛膏

Pain Relieving, Wind-Evil Expelling and Blood Circulation Invigorating.

Dong'E Shan Dong Asses's Glue Ejiao E Jiao 125G/box

Oriental Tonic for Women. Nourish Yin and Supplement Blood. Eat to Naturally Glowing Skin.

20g/Pack*6 Ma Ying Long Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream

Lasting coolness, Strong Anti Inflammatory, Analgesic, Hemostatic and Antipruritic Effect.