Chengdu, “Rong” for short, is the capital of Sichuan Province. Chengdu is one of most important economic centers, transportation, communication and trading hubs in the southwest China. With the total area of 12,400 square kilometers, Chengdu has the population of 12,579,000 and has direct jurisdiction over 9 districts, 4 county-level cities and 6 counties.



Things To Do



Watch Sichuan Opera






Sichuan Opera or Chuanju is a type of Chinese opera originating from Sichuan Province around 1700 years ago. The culture of Sichuan features Chuanju and Chengdu is the hometown of it, while other influential locales include Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hubei and Taiwan.






Bian Lian or face changing, is a traditional and famous dramatic art form in Sichuan Opera. Performers wave their arm and twist their face; their painted masks change quickly. Masks with different colors reflect one’s inmost feeling and thoughts.



Visit Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage Museum






Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage is named for the great poet Du Fu in Tang Dynasty. The museum is divided into collect area and cottage temple which were constructed in Qing Dynasty. Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage Museum is the largest museum which collects 36,422 articles related with Dufu.



Wander around Kuanzhai Lane






As one of three historical culture areas, Kuanzhai Lane is made up of Kuan Lane (Wide Lane), Zhai Lane (Narrow Lane) and Jing Lane. The three paralleled lanes have different style. Kuan Lane, named “Leisure Area” provides you with various entertainment places such as teahouses and restaurant. Zhai Lane is a good place to explore for it’s packed with well-preserved traditional buildings. Jing Lane is the most modernized among three lanes. Jing Lane is an entertainment area aiming at youngsters so that you can see clubs, dessert shops and other kinds of shops.



Buy Shu Brocade (蜀锦)






With long history and unique handicraft, Shu brocade is ranked as one of China’s best brocades. Since Sichuan is short for “shu”, the brocade is named Shu brocade.



Giant Research Base of Panda Breeding






Giant Research Base of Panda Breeding, founded in 1987, is the largest base to aim at “be a world-class research facility, conservation education center, and international educational tourism destination.”



Eat in Jinli Ancient Street






With length of 350 meters, Jinli Ancient Street is packed with various kinds of shops, teahouses, clubs and hotels. Various kinds of delicious but spicy food are sold on this street ranging from high-end restaurant to roadside restaurant.



Best Time to Visit



Spring and autumn are two best time to visit most of regions in China, so Chengdu is no exception. But don’t go during the national holidays such as National Day (Octo.1 to 7) and Labor Day (May 1 to May 3), for it’s very crowded in downtown.






The weather of Chengdu in spring and autumn is mild for you to enjoy yourselves. Although it is stuffy in July and August, the attractions nearby the downtown of Chengdu are very ideal places to enjoy coolness.






In winter, it is a good chance to Xiling Snow Mountain and Longchi Forest Park to enjoy the beautiful snowscape. January is the coldest month when the temperature only reaches approximately 5℃,but you can save money when you travel to Chengdu in winter.

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