The Dai garments are elegant and peaceful, which is not only practical but also has strong decorative features, embodying the nation’s characteristic of life loving and the admiration of  beauty and peace.







Men's Clothing


The Dai men do not always adorn accessories but occasionally wear a shiny silver bracelet on their wrists. Gold or silver teeth are their preference that they even unplug the upper front teeth and replace them with gold or silver dentures. In the past, they used to get tattoo symbols, such as lions, unicorns and peacocks on the chest, back, abdomen and extremities, to show bravery or pray for auspiciousness. 

There is little difference in the costumes of the Dai men across the country. Generally, they are relatively simple and natural, usually a non-collared or front-opening small-sleeved blouse and a wide waist trousers with no pockets, as well as a white or indigo scarf to wrap the head. Blankets are preferred in cold days. This kind of clothing is light and comfortable when cultivated, also keeping the wearer looking fit and stylish when dancing.



Women's Clothing


The well-dressed Dai women pursue a sense of lightness and elegance in clothing with coordinated color and outstanding texture. Young women have long hair plaited, with hairpins or flowers for decoration, on top which is a distinctive feature of the nation. They are dressed in various kinds of tight-fitting underwear, light-colored jackets and narrow-cut sleeved shirts, matching colorful skirts with various patterns.





The jewelry Dai women wear are made of gold and silver, mostly hollow, with fine patterns engraved. Moreover, they are also good at dressing up with unique costumes. Dai women are generally tall and slim, looking pure and charming. They like to wear narrow-sleeved blouses and skirts to fully display their slender figure, as well as the softness and tenderness, presenting a sense of gracefulness and elegance. The narrow-sleeved shirt wrap tightly around the arm with almost no gaps. Many people also wear flesh-colored garments which could hardly be seen without focus. The front and rear plackets are just on waist and tightly wrapped around with a silver belt to fix. Fabrics are often made from thin and soft georgette, Dacron or brocade silk. The style of dress is based on the essence of traditional clothes, but developing in a more beautiful, gentle, bright and elegant form.





As the villages inhabited by the Dai people are abundant in bamboo, in addition to the quiet gantry houses built with bamboo and the production of various household utensils, they also use colored lacquer bamboo baskets and lumps to make ornaments.






Processing Technology


The beautiful Dai dress are inseparable from their brocade craft. The Dai tapestry has a long history with rich patterns, bright colors and simple styles. Various patterns and designs demonstrate the wisdom of the nation and their pursuit of a better life.


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