The Dragon is the fifth of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Each year has an animal sign according to a 12-year cycle. Years of the Dragon include 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.

  • Lucky colors: gold, silver, grayish white
  • Lucky numbers: 1, 6, 7
  • Lucky flowers: bleeding-heart glory bower, dragon flowers
  • Years of birth: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024



Are You a Dragon?


People born in a year of the Dragon are called “Dragons” in China. If you were born in 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, or 2012, then you’re a Dragon.

However, Dragon years are generally dated by the Chinese lunar calendar (starting on Chinese New Year), so if you were born in January or February, use the tool on the right to check whether you’re a Dragon.


What Type of Dragon Are You: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, or Water?


In Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth, which means that a Wood Dragon, for example, comes once in a 60-year cycle.

It is theorized that a person's characteristics are decided by their birth year's zodiac animal sign and element. So there are five types of Dragons, each with different characteristics:


Type of DragonYear of BirthCharacteristics
Wood Dragon ...1904, 1964… Introverted, less enthusiastic, and lacking in good relationships
Fire Dragon …1916, 1976… Smart, unreliable, and easygoing
Earth Dragon …1928, 1988… Smart, ambitious, and hardworking
Gold Dragon …1940, 2000… Natural and straightforward, unpredictable with continually changing emotions
Water Dragon …1952, 2012… Persevering, farsighted, and vigorous


Famous Dragon Year People


Famous Dragon Birth Date Element
Jesus Christ fall of 5 BC? an Earth Dragon?
Abraham Lincoln February 12, 1809 an Earth Dragon
Charles Darwin 12 February 1809 an Earth Dragon
Florence Nightingale 12 May 1820 a Gold Dragon
Sigmund Freud 6 May 1856 a FireDragon
Martin Luther King 15 January 1929 an Earth Dragon
Bruce Lee November 27, 1940 a Gold Dragon
John Lennon 9 October 1940 a Gold Dragon
Pele 23 October 1940 a Gold Dragon
Vladimir Putin 7 October 1952 a Water Dragon


Years of the Dragon Are Unlucky for Dragons!


According to Chinese tradition, when the year of your birth sign comes around it is believed to be bad luck. It is called one’s Ben Ming Nian (本命年 běnmìngnián /bnn-ming-nyen/ ‘origin (of) life year’).

The Ben Ming Nian is a whole year of bad luck. Generally all aspects of your life, including love, health, career and finance, will not go well. Therefore “Dragons” should be more careful in years of the Dragon. 

The next Dragon Year is 2024. It starts on Chinese New Year (February 10, 2024). Those born in January or February should take particular note of when Chinese New Year falls to confirm their birth sign.


The Dragon’s Personality: Confident, Intelligent...


Among Chinese zodiac animals, the Dragon is the sole imaginary animal. The Dragon is the most vital and powerful beast in the Chinese zodiac, although with an infamous reputation for being a hothead and possessing a sharp tongue. In ancient times, people thought that Dragons could control everything in the world with their character traits of dominance and ambition.

Gifted with innate courage, tenacity and intelligence, dragons are enthusiastic and confident. They are not afraid of challenges, and willing to take risks.

However, the dragon is sometimes regarded as aggressive, and angry dragons are not open to criticism. They don't consider themselves irritating and arrogant. Instead of following tradition, they strive for a smooth future.


Health Tips for Dragons


Taking the hardworking nature of Dragons into consideration, they are healthy in general. They may be stressed and suffer from periodic tension, for they like to embrace challenges and take risks.

Older people born in a Dragon year should pay more attention to the liver and gall bladder, blood, intestines, and stomach, while middle-aged and young Dragons should take care of their skin.

Yoga or taking a walk is an effective way to keep healthy, as these activities can be good for the mind as well as the bodies of Dragons.


Top Jobs or Careers for Dragons


Dragons like to embrace challenges and take risks. Jobs that allow them to test themselves are good choices. Some good careers include: journalist, teacher, inventor, manager, computer analyst, lawyer, engineer, architect, broker, and sales person.


How to Build Relationships with Dragons


In the search for the ideal partner, dragons might find themselves often hesitating to move forward in a relationship and/or unwilling to make a permanent commitment. When they do, however, it is their intention for it to last. Dragons are likely to have a warm, giving personality. They can be very generous to their loved ones.


The Luckiest Things for Dragons


  • Lucky numbers: 1, 6 and 7
  • Lucky days: the 1st and 16th of any Chinese lunar calendar month
  • Lucky colors: gold, silver, grayish white
  • Lucky flowers: bleeding-heart glory bower, dragon flowers
  • Lucky direction: east, north, west
  • Lucky months: the 3rd, 4th, and 7th Chinese lunar months.

Things to Avoid for “Dragons”


  • Unlucky colors: blue, green
  • Unlucky numbers: 3 and 8
  • Unlucky direction: northwest
  • Unlucky months: the 5th and 6th Chinese lunar months

Dragons’ Fortune, Career, Health, and Love Prospects in 2018


The overall fortune trend for those born in a year of the Dragon is good. The Dragon can turn bad luck into good with a good interpersonal relationship.

Fortune in 2018 — Not Bad


In 2018, there is a chance for you to speculate and accumulate a fortune by using your intuition.

Dragons who want to make a radical career change should either start a business or invest in a new project. Please make sure that you are not the only one to invest money into your new career, and that you are one of the decision makers.

If you are working in sales, insurance, and the beauty industry, you may have good fortune in 2018. Businessmen should manage your savings to ensure you are not stuck in financial difficulties. Be careful when dealing with contracts.


Career in 2018 — Quite Smooth


Dragons may conflict with superiors due to different opinions so keep calm. Grab the chance to go on a business trip.

There is an opportunity for you to develop your career. You are getting along well with your colleagues and friends and, therefore, can solve any problems with their help.

You may wish to change your job, or you will receive invitations from those who appreciate you. However, there will be an unexpected situation so you’d better stay in your current position, or seek for the opportunity to transfer to a different department.

It’s not a good idea to take a risk as it is likely to fail.


Health in 2018 — Reduce Social Engagements


Dragons will have many social engagements in 2018. You’d better take care of yourself by reducing the amount of parties or gatherings you attend.

There is also a trend that you and your family may easily get injured in 2018, especially males born in 1964 and 2000 and females born in 1976 and 2012. So pay attention to your health and that of your family.

When driving, obey the traffic rules and protect your head and face carefully.


Love in 2018 — Popular


People born in a year of the Dragon will be popular among the opposite sex and that may cause problems when in a relationship as it will not be stable. It’s also easy to lose money due to your relationship.

You’d better know a woman well before you start dating her in case you get stuck in a love triangle.

For those who are married, don’t fall into temptation with the opposite sex. You will conflict easily with your partner and should go on a business trip to avoid this.

If you are in a stable relationship, then 2018 is a good year to get married, which will bring you good luck.


Love Compatibility: Is She/He Compatible with You?


Each animal sign has its unique characteristics. Love compatibility within Chinese zodiac animals takes into account the characteristics of each animal. Only those whose characteristics match each other well can be good partners. See below the compatibility of the Dragon with other animals.

  • Best with: Rat, Tiger or Snake
  • Worst with: Ox, Goat or Dog



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