Hangzhou is best-known for its West Lake which has been eulogized over the centuries in both songs and poems. Marco Polo once wrote, ‘indeed a voyage on this lake offers more refreshment and delectation than any other experience on earth’. In addition, some other attractions like Qiandao Lake and Lingyin Temple also entice tourists greatly. As a famous saying goes, “Above there is heaven, below there are Hangzhou and Suzhou.” With its unparalleled beauty, it appeals numerous travel addicts home and abroad to pay a visit annually.




Lost in the Charming Beauty of West Lake





It is said that the beauty of Hangzhou lies in the charming view of West Lake so West Lake is a must-see attraction for your Hangzhou travel. Nestled in the green hills on three sides, West Lake is a freshwater lake divided by causeway of Su Di, Yanggong Di, Bai Di. There are many temples, pagodas and gardens near the lake. Leifeng Pagoda is very famous for the folk legend Madam White Snake.





It was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2011. The lake has different views in a day and four seasons, which forms the fabulous “Ten Views of West Lake”. It was defined as “influenced garden design in the rest of China as well as Japan and Korea over the centuries” by UNESCO.



Watch Impression West Lake





Impression West Lake is an attractive art show which performs every night. The adapted folk stories and myths are performed on the stage which is built 3 cm below the surface of the lake. Impression West Lake was directed by Zhang Yimo who uses the lake and surroundings as set and hundreds of performers to create sensational effects. Through watching the performance, the scene of Impression West Lake seems to take the audience to the ancient times.



Have a Taste of Hangzhou Cuisine



Hangzhou Cuisine is characterized by the fresh, sweet and tender flavor which is very suitable for foreign visitors. The famous dishes include Dongpo Rou (pork), beggar’s chicken and West Lake Vinegar Fish. These dishes should be tasted for tourists to Hangzhou.




Dongpo Pork                                                                                             Beggar’s Chicken 



Drink Tea in Teahouses






Drinking tea in teahouses is a best way to kill time and have a rest after tiring Hangzhou trip. Hangzhou has the reputation of tea capital with best-know tea Xi Hu Long Jing. The teahouses usually locate by the lake or in the mountains. The most teahouses offer dim sum, fruit or dish for customers.



Tea House



It is very enjoyable to order a pot of tea and waiting for the sunrise over mountains and lakesides in the early morning. But you should get up very early.



Best Time to Visit



The climate of Hangzhou is humid subtropical with four distinctive. And the annually temperature is about 16.5 °C. Hangzhou is a place which is suitable to be visited at any time in four seasons.





Spring is warm and slightly windy. It is pleasant to enjoy primroses and other beautiful flowers by wandering along the Su Di of West Lake. Dawn on the Su Causeway in Spring, one of Ten Views of West Lake, will provide you the most beautiful view. Spring is also the harvest time for tea farmers. They are very busy and feel tired but they greatly enjoy the happiest harvest.







Summer is hot and long but humid. Lotuses blossom from early June till late August or early September. Lotus in West Lake had enjoyed the reputation since Tang Dynasty. Yang Wanli, a poet in Song Dynastey, once wrote, “Lotus Leaves grow to the sky with endless green, lotus blossoms bathed in the sunlight appear especially red”. Carved Yard and Lotus Pool in Summer is the best site to enjoy the beauty of lotuses.









It is cool in autumn. The Osmanthuses blossom in October and the air is scented with the aroma of Osmanthuses. Qingtang River and bay are best known as the world’s largest tidal bore. The tidal bore attracts many tourists at home and abroad every year. Moon over the Peaceful Lake in Autumn, one of Ten Views of West Lake, is a spot with picturesque surroundings to view the full moon.







It is chilly in winter in Hangzhou. The trees and flowers wither but plum blossoms present their beauty in the cold weather. Winter provides the very totally different tranquil view. Remnant Snow on the Bridge in Winter is a very enchanting attraction in winter.








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