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From the year 1942 to 1997, Hong Kong became the colony of the British Empire after the First Opium War from 1839 to 1842. While in the year of 1997, China resumed sovereignty of Hong Kong and the Special Administrative Region of China was established in Hong Kong. Under the principle of “one country, two systems”, Hong Kong has a different political system from mainland China, which keeps its original political, social and economic systems unchanged. Now, Hong Hong has become a leading international financial center in the world, where western culture and eastern culture are well-merged. Hong Kong is blessed with numerous attractions, ranging from the mesmerizing Victoria Peak, enchanting Lantau Island, to luring Repulse Bay and fantastic Disneyland. It appeals numerous travel-addicts to pay a visit with its expansive skyline and deep natural harbor. Join us and let’s discover its beauty together!






Things To Do



Hong Kong is a metropolitan city and it has much to offer for visitors. Along your Hong Kong travel, the following tops things to do in Hong Kong are highly recommended. These suggested things to do in Hong Kong would be a great guide along your Hong Kong travel.



Appreciate the Nightscape of Hong Kong in Taiping Peak





Just stand on the Taiping Peak and have a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking scenery on the both banks for Victoria Harbor to experience the vibrancy of this metropolitan city.

Location: On the western half of Hong Kong Island.

How to get to: Take the metro accessible to Hong Kong Station and get off at Exit D, then walk to the Central Bus Station at the Central Exchange Square and take the bus No. 15 to get there. It costs 35 minutes.



Ride the Ding-Ding Tram






There are many forms of public transport in Hong Kong, while the tram is the only one that old-school feel is remained. Just pay HK$2 coins and start your tram trip. You could start at the nostalgic West Central via Central, Causeway Bay, Happy Valley Racecourse and Pacific Palace. Just discover the transform of this metropolis by Ding Ding tram. This would be one of the fun things to do in Hong Kong travel.



Take the Star Ferry to Visit the Victoria Harbor






Visiting the Victoria Harbor by star ferry is the most favorable way for travelers. The star ferry is launched at 10 minutes interval. As the ferry paddles, you could immerse yourself to the enthralling scenery of Victoria Harbor under the stroke of breeze, which would be a great feast to your eyes.



Shop at Central







Central is the hub of lofting skyscrapers, large department stores, fashion boutiques, convenient transportation, famous banks and catering places. It is the center of Hong Kong, the Asia’s World City. No matter what you want to experience in Hong Kong, Central has something to offer.



Taste the Hong Kong Style Milk Tea







Hong Kong-style milk tea is a beverage originated in Hong Kong. The main ingredient in the milk tea is black tea, evaporated milk or condensed milk. Tasting a cup of milk tea has become a part of Hong Kong people’s life in Hong Kong tea culture. Hong Kong people prefer to drink tea in teahouse, where Hong Kong cuisine and western cuisine are also provided.



Try Dim Sum







As is known, the Dim Sum in Hong Kong is the best in the world, so you could never miss trying it along your Hong Kong travel. Dim sum shops are ubiquitous in Hong Kong, while the ones prepared in the Hong Kong City Hall are served on carts, the most the traditional way to serve dim sum. These fluffy buns with glutinous rice would be a great feast to your taste-buds.



Stroll Around the Temple Street Night Fair






Temple Street is the most famous open air market in Hong Kong, which is far more a shopping place rather than a place to recall childhood, from the swaying pale yellow bulb, carefully-rubbed imitation watches, ancient-costume dressed future-tellers, to diverse cheap goods and ranges of stalls. Many Hong Kong films once took the ancient Temple Street as the background.



Shop at the Stanley






Stanley is home to diversified daily essentials, from shoes, clothes, antiques to electronics. After shopping, visitors could dine on the waterfront to appreciate the charming seascape while enjoying the palatable food. Swimming beside the beach are also highly recommended.



Best Time to Visit



Considering the Hong Kong climate and weather, the best time to visit Hong Kong is in winter, from October to March of the next year. Hong Kong climate belongs to subtropical climate and its weather is influenced by seasonal wind easily. The average temperature of Hong Kong is relatively higher and it could reach to 22.8℃. Hong Kong climate in a year is just like this, cool in autumn, warm in winter, hot in summer and humid in spring.



Hong Kong Autumn-The Best Season for Walking






In autumn, from late September to early December, the climate of Hong Kong is quite favorable and the average temperature of Hong Kong during this period is around 23℃, making itself the best season for walking around. In autumn, people usually wear shirt, sweater and coat strolling around the boundless Victoria Harbor leisurely. In autumn, hiking around the Lamma Island to bath in the cozy breeze would be an unforgettable experience along your Hong Kong travel. To travel Hong Kong in autumn, Lamma Island, Avenue of Stars and Cheung Chau Island are highly suggested.



Hong Kong Winter-Season of Crazy Discount






In winter, from middle December to February, the climate of Hong Kong is a bit cold and dry, and the average temperature of Hong Kong is around 17℃, so prepare the light sweater if you are planning to travel Hong Kong during this period. In winter, the crazy discount period comes, which makes Hong Kong live up to its fame “the paradise for shopping”, and that is the reason why so many shopping-lovers travel Hong Kong in winter. To travel Hong Kong in winter, Tsim Sha Tsui , Mong Kok , Central Exchange Square and Causeway Bay are highly recommended.



Hong Kong Summer-Hot Season Accompanied with Spree



Hong Kong Ocean Park


Hong Kong Disneyland



In summer, from later May to middle September, the weather of Hong Kong is hot and humid and the highest temperature could ascend to 38℃. Sometimes, thunderstorm and pouring rain occur. When traveling Hong Kong during this period, bring the T-shirt, cotton dress, sun-proofs, light coat and umbrella etc.. Shopping in Hong Kong in summer could be another thing that lures many shopping-lovers because crazy discount would be offered during this period. To travel Hong Kong in summer, a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland and Hong Kong Ocean Park should never be missed.

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