Huang Shan



Being perched in the south of Anhui Province, Huangshan city is blessed with time-honored history, breathtaking scenery and profound culture, which makes it a great getaway for travel-addicts domestic and abroad. Huangshan city is composed of three districts, four counties and Huangshan Scenic Area, occupying 9807 square kilometers in coverage and hosting 1.48 million in population. Huangshan was called “Huizhou” in ancient times and was inhabited since seven thousand years ago. Being one of the three most prestigious regional cultures in China, culture of Huizhou is profound in cultural background and rich in connotation, pervading among philosophical, economical, historical artistic and other aspects of the society.





Things To Do



Huangshan City in Anhui province is endowed with breathtaking scenery, time-honored history and profound culture. With its unique charm, it captivates numerous travel-addicts domestic and abroad to pay a visit. No matter what your preference is in your travel, Huangshan has something for you. Huangshan things to do offers the top things to do in in Huangshan and no Huangshan trip is complete without them.



Visit the Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area






Huangshan Scenic Area is world-known for the four scenic features: legendary pines, picturesque rocks, hot spring and sea of cloud. Visitors would never be disappointed after a visit. This is the top things to do in Huangshan.



See sunrise on Huangshan Mountain





Sunrise in Huangshan is particular charming and marvelous and no Huangshan trip is perfect without seeing the sunrise on Huangshan Mountain.



Shopping on Tunxi Old Street






With a history of hundreds of years, Tunxi Old Street, reputedly “the most famous cultural streets in China”, is the best-preserved commercial street built in Ming and Qing dynasties.



Eat the Authentic Anhui Cuisine






Anhui cuisine is one of eight cuisines in China, which is profound in culture, time-honored in history, varied in ingredients and palatable in taste. Among the numerous dishes in Anhui Province, Mandarin Fish, Bamboo Shoots on Wenzheng Hill and Huizhou Fermented Tofu are indeed worth a taste.


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Drink the Huangshan Maofeng Tea






Huangshan Maofeng Tea is one of the most famous teas in China. Brewed in cups, the tea appears jade green and slightly yellow, pure in flavor and aromatic in scent.


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Buy Anhui Ink and Shexian Inkstone






Anhui ink and Shexian Inks Stone is well-known in the world, which has been presented as gifts to foreign friends by Chinese leaders. Buying some of them as commemoration is a good choice.



Visit the Ancient Hongcun Village and Xidi Village




Hongcun and Xidi are the sparkling pearl embedded on Huangshan trip. Both of them are brimming with Anhui folk custom and traditional culture. They should never be missed.



Watch Evening Performance at Huizhou Theater






The marvelous performance at Huizhou Theater is a great getaway to discover a real Huangshan City. It introduces Huangshan culture in the way of singing and dancing in many aspects, magnificent and elegant.



Best Time to Visit



Located in the subtropical regions, Huangshan climate is of humid monsoon, featuring with four distinctive seasons. The average Huangshan temperature is around 15 degrees centigrade in a year, which offering the favorable Huangshan climate, neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer. The annual precipitation is 1670 mm in Huangshan, with a maximum of 2708mm. From May to August, it rains most in Huangshan. Water and heat resources are abundant in Huangshan, which is fit for the growth of trees, tea plants and crops.

Huangshan climate is distinctive in four seasons.

In spring, all flowers are in full blossom and birds shuttles freely among peaks.






 In summer, it is an ideal summer resort, where verdant pines, mysterious sea of cloud, cascading waterfalls has much to offer.






It is the best time to view lush pines, picturesque rocks, red maple, yellow chrysanthemum and other sceneries in Huangshan.





If you come in winter, you would be reward with the delicate rimes in Huangshan.





Whenever you come to travel Huangshan, it never disappoints you. It was generally agreed that the best time to visit Huangshan is from April to November. During this period, Huangshan has the most charming scenery to offer for visitors. With its unique charm, it captivates numerous travel-addicts domestic and abroad to pay a visit all year round despite of fatigue and long journey. Checking Huangshan weather before traveling is highly recommended.

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