Jiu Zhai Gou




Jiuzhaigou Valley is one of China’s best-known tourist attraction on account of its beautiful landscape of mountain and water. Jiuzhaigou Valley means “Valley of nine villages”, derived from 9 ancient Tibetan villages, hence the name. It locates on the north Sichuan Province of the southwestern China. The valley is covered with old-growth forest dotted with 108 lakes. The main scenic area stretch about 80 kilometers in the form of a letter “Y” composing of three valleys Shuzheng, Rize and Zechawa which provide the enchanting view of waterfall, mountains and lakes. As one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Jiuzhaigou Valley attracts many tourists at home and abroad every year because of its dreamlike scenery. Travelling to Jiuzhaigou will be an enjoyable lifetime experience.






Things To Do



Enjoy the picturesque scenery in the valley






The first thing to do in the valley, of course, is to enjoy the picturesque view in the valley. The colors of its lakes, mountains and trees are combined to provide a fairyland world. The valley has different but magnificent views in four seasons. In winter, the lakes and waterfalls are frozen and mountains and trees are covered with snow, which makes the whole valley a white world. Summers can be slightly crowded with beautiful sunshine and it rains in July and August. Autumn is the best season to visit Jiuzhaigou which has its most beautiful appearance.



Buy Qiang Embroidery






Qing embroidery is a typical handworks in Jiuzhaigou which you can buy as a souvenir to your family and friends. Qiang people still wear embroider costumes with beautiful patterns.



Eat Tibetan Food and Drink Tibetan Tea or Wine






You can taste the typical Tibetan food and snacks in the Tibetan villages of the valley or drink local barley wine, buttered tea and Yacha tea. The price of food in the village is very expensive. Outside the valley, a surprising amount of bars and restaurants can be found in Bianbian Street.



Purchase Local Products






Jiuzhaigou is rich in Chinese medical herbs, so you can buy some medical herbs if you need. As for younger ladies, there are a number of Tibetan trinkets which are not very expensive. Tibetan knives are also typical local products, but it is not allowed to consign in the airport.



Best Time to Visit



Jiuzhaigou weather in four seasons offers distinctive gorgeous views. At the end of spring and beginning of autumn, Jiuzhaigou is most visited by large number of tourists compared with other time. The best time to visit Jiuzhaigou is October but it is little crowded. In the late autumn, trees on the mountain take on different colors which are reflected in the lakes so the multi-colored lakes appear. This period is also the best time to travel to Jiuzhaigou. Because of the changeable of Jiuzhaigou climate, you should check the Jiuzhaigou weather in advance.























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