The history of Chinese literature, the treasure of Chinese civilization, is long and splendid, involving the prosperity and decline of the ancient country. It can be divided into two periods, the former of which could be called ancient and the latter, modern. The ancient period founded the base of the constant development of Chinese literature, forming the  tradition, being a most glorious period that Chinese literature had reached its peak.


Since the very ancient, politics played an important role in Chinese literature. Works generally based on the theme of real life, and many were written by politicians. Literature was attached a power to influence the development of the country which closely related with politics. Therefore, since the Song Dynasty, literature was mostly created by bureaucracy which was also a special point in Chinese literature. Affected by the concept of unity between nature and human being, there was no clear line between Chinese literature and Taoism.


Chinese literature was mostly written in verse, among which the lyric poems of depicting natural scenery and eulogizing friendship dominated. Not considering the articles that describe history, religion and thought, prose literature first flourished in the Tang Dynasty whose theme, with a few exceptions, were not purely creative but drawn from reality, This tradition had long been maintained until the fiction period under the influence of Western European civilization.


The modern Chinese literature, under the pressure of certain forces, lost its own traditions and ceased development, stepping into a period of declining. This was a very distinct and important fact in its history.


With the rise and fall of dynasties, foreign nations had also taken the throne of power on this land. Although the inflow of foreign cultures also had a certain influence on literature, in general, Chinese literature refers to literature created in Chinese, which also had a great influence on the establishment of Japanese language and literature.