The Manchu garments are divided into cheongsams and jacket. Today the traditional Manchu costumes are only worn in grand festivals.

The improved cheongsam is popular all over the country. When it comes to cheongsam, it tends to be associated with women. In fact, the representative Manchu clothing is not limited to women.

The outfit is divided into single, folder, leather and cotton. This robe clothes clearly differentiates with the Han's two-section clothes. For Manchu men, its style and structure are relatively simple and suitable for horseback hunt. The dress for women are elegant and exquisitely designed, focusing on decoration on neckline, sleeves,  presenting a slim and  graceful figure.










Manchu adult men shaved all the anterior hair, leaving only the hair of the posterior skull, which were far different from the Han who braided their long hair into a knot on the head.Instead, Manchu men braided their hair and hung behind mainly for an easy ride in mountains. Manchu women liked to decorate their hair with golden or silver headdress which gave them a reputation of  golden head.








Early Manchu men wore double-ridge-face shoes, called the dumb shoes, whose upper part were made of green cloth or satin, and the front inlayed with single or double black pimp. The tip of the shoe were upturned with a boat-like side look. Women wore flat shoes, cotton shoes or embroidered shoes, also known as inch shoes. The cotton shoes were generally not embroidered with flowers and other patterns, and wore in labor work.  Flat shoes usually adopted cloth or satin with different color as main material, and on the face were often embroidered with flower or other patterns. The sole of Inch shoes were two or three inches high with a length of half the whole shoe body. The shoes were wore in grand ceremonies or rituals.




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