The colorful Miao garments are one of the most beautiful costumes in the world today. They recorded the nation’s suffering in the past and the enrichment of the environments from ancient to modern times which won them a reputation of the historical books worn on the body.

Miao garments are mainly composed of children's clothes, casual dress and costumes, featuring in silver jewelry, Miao embroidery and batik. 

In general, Miao clothing maintains the traditional craftsmanship of weaving, embroidering, picking and dyeing in the folk, often interspersing one of the major techniques with others, such as embroidering with dyeing, therefore,  distinctive ethnic art features flow on these finished patterns. In content, patterns on the dress are mostly based on various living objects in daily life which play an important role on ideography and recognition of family, branch lines and language. In modeling, the Chinese traditional line drawing is adopted which use a single line as a pattern of contouring styling methods. Speaking of production techniques, there are examples of the five forms of dress development history, namely, the braiding type, the weaving type, the sewing type, the flattening type, and the tailoring type, in the Miao garments. In color,  they are good at choosing a variety of strong contrasting colors, mostly using red, black, white, yellow and blue, striving to create the richness and thickness. On the composition, it does not emphasize the prominent theme, but focus on the requirements of the overall sense of clothing.

As to occasion, it is divided into formal costumes and casual dresses.The formal garments, wearing in grand ceremonies and festivals, are sophisticated and gorgeous, embodying the amazingness of Miao art.The casual dresses, mainly for everyday wear, are comparatively simple and clean in styles with less materials and less labor.In addition to formal garments and casual dresses, Miao costumes also have differences in age and region.

The front opening dress are widely accepted in most of the Miao areas in the territory. One piece of clothing consists of left and right-front pieces, left and right-rear pieces, and left and right sleeves. Men's formal dress are the left-hand tops which are similar with casual wear in appearance, adopting silk or satin as material, usually in blue or indigo. Women's casual wear is generally made up of two types of tops. This structure of the right-hand top coat is roughly the same as the left-hand top coat in men's tops, except in the opposite direction. Elder women wear right-hand tops or crossover collarless tops, and ankle-length pleated skirts.





Earrings are attached with great importance, and most of Miao women wear various of earrings and other accessories, which are mostly melon-shaped ornaments in solid silver or hollow silver. The ear stud, which is like a bobbin winder for a sewing machine, is the most popular.





There are a variety of silverware in Miao people, such as silver crowns, enamel, collars, shawls, necklaces, toothpicks, earrings, bracelets and rings. The collar, ranging from small to large as many as seven laps and weighing over two thousand grams, is a must-have item for the Miao girl's love and marriage.

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