Xi'an, referred as Changan in ancient times, is located in Guanzhong basin in the middle reacher of Yangtze River. With time-honored history, Xi'An is also one of the Four Greatest Ancient Capitals in the world, together with Athens, Rome and Cairo. Xi'An is the place where 13 emperors once established their capitals, which enjoys a history of more than 1100 years. It is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese civilization in the Yellow River Basin area in ancient times.





Xi'An is home to the colorful culture, distinctive custom, palatable dishes that passed down since ancient times. As capitals of 13 dynasties, Xi'An hosts numerous historical sites, from the impressive Terracotta Warriors, ancient City Wall, to magnificent Big Wild Goose Pagoda and world-renowned Huaqing Hot Spring. Xi'An is also the eastern start of glorious Silk Road, which makes this ancient city world-renowned. Walk along the peaceful street and stroll on the foot of city wall to get close to time-weathered history of this ancient city. Xi'An is also a culinary capital and has much to offer for gourmets, from the Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, Sheep Blood Soaked in Vermicelli Soup, Pork Sanwiched Between Pita Bread, to Cold Noodles and Qishan Noodles. These diversified dishes would be a great feast to your taste bud.






Things to do



Visit the Terracotta Warriors






Terracotta Warriors is regarded as the Eight World Wonder, which is famous for its uncountable life-like figures, large scale and overwhelming momentum. What Terracotta Army is to Xi'An, pyramid to Egypt. No Xi'An travel is complete without visiting the Terracotta Army.



Visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.






The Big Wild Goose Pagoda is renowned as the landmark of Xi'An, where the sutras and figurines of the Buddha brought to China from India by Xuanzang, a prestigious Buddhist translator and traveler in Tang dynasty, are preserved. It is highly recommended to visit.



Watch the Fabulous Fountain Show in the Goose Pagoda Square.






The fountain show in the Goose Pagoda Square is regarded as the largest fountain complex in Asia, which is highly favored by travelers domestic and abroad. The fountain show is available both on nights in weekday and on weekend.



Eat the savory Dumpling Banquette






Dumpling banquette in Xi'An is world-renowned. An American president spoke highly of it after enjoying it. The dumpling banquette is featured with differently-shaped dumplings, diversified stuffing and palatable taste, which would be a great feast to your taste bud.



Hang out on the featured Muslim Street






The Muslim Street is the main gathering place where Muslims are inhabited. On both sides of streets display uncountable snack stands and handicrafts, which would be a great feast to your eyes.Eat the local famous Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, which is a must-have dish along your Xi'An travel.Boiled with special seasonings, the button tastes more tender and delicious. Soaked in the thick lamb soup, nail-sized pita bread pieces are more chewy and palatable. In Xi'An, the best time to taste the authentic Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup is Sun Family Restaurant.



Taste Cold Noodles.






Cold noodle is white, crystal, smooth, thin, chewy and tender, which would be a great feast to you. Accompanied with red spicy pepper and green bean sprout, the cold noodles appear much luring, teasing your tasting bud greatly.



Enjoy the Qishan Noodles.






Qishan Noodles is another must-have along your Xi'An travel, which is known for its chewy noodles, sour soup and savory seasoning. This is really a must-have along your Xi'An travel.



Appreciate the fabulous Tang Dynasty Stage Show.






The Tang Dynasty Stage Show is a great combination of art, music, dance and culture, which is a great reflection of the glorious Tang culture in ancient China.



Best Time to Visit



Xi'An is located in the center of Guanzhong Plain, lying Qinling Mountain in south and facing Weihe River in north. The climate of Xi'An belongs to semi-humid continental climate in the warm Temperate Zone, which offers the four distinct seasons in Xi'An. The average temperature in Xi'An in a year is around 13 degrees centigrade.








The best time to visit Xi'An is in spring and autumn, neither too hot nor too cold. Strolling around this ancient city during this period would never fail to be a terrific experience. If visiting Lishan Mountain and Cuihua Mountain during this period, visitors would be rewarded with full blossom flowers and breathtaking sceneries. Winter is the last best time to visit Xi'An, because of the severe cold weather of Xi'An in that period. Summer is the second to winter because of the burning hot climate of Xi'An in summer.








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