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Bowen Liu
Founded in 1912, Hehe Carved Lacquerware Bureau is the 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' at the Beijing level. As a city-level and district-level intangible cultural heritage.
Red Palace
After graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Mrs. Liyuan Deng founded Red Palace with her mother Mrs. Yaru Zhang in 2005. The brand’s culture began with the mother's art, aiming at promoting Chinese traditional decorative culture. The product combines traditional style and modern fashion perfectly, and shows women's virtuous, elegant, gentle and beautiful temperament. The word ‘Red’ in this brand originates from the ‘Hong Band Tailors’, which played an important rule during the development of the China modern garment industry. This word shows Red Palace's resolve of carrying on the Chinese traditional aesthetics and sublimating the classic styles.     Three Key Points of Red Palace Cheongsam 1. Fabric The cheongsams of Red Palace are mainly made of mulberry silk. As a kind of protein fiber, mulberry silk has 18 kinds of amino acid which are beneficial for your body and skin. This kind of material can help the... More