Keydo·The Voice of China - Resonance Speaker for Mobile Phone Series

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Keydo·The Voice of China - Resonance Speaker for Mobile Phone Series integrating traditional Chinese ceramics with modern technology and design concepts. It has no power, natural amplification, no radiation, with low carbon and is environmental friendly.


Keydo·The Voice of CHINA - Resonance Speaker for Mobile Phone Series integrates Chinese traditional ceramic materials with smart phone and make perfect combination between traditional craftsmanship and modern industrial design concepts. It is with no power, no radiation, natural sound amplification, making full use of the characteristics of ceramic "sound as sound" and the principle of sound resonance which meets the low carbon design concept.

The product shape, size, gravity center, sound hole’s direction, position and angle of the phone are repeatedly calculated and tested according to the principle of ergonomics. Through the convergence and resonance of sound, this series of speakers can increase the sound level by more than 12dB, and also can make people feel the sound intensity twice stronger than before. At the same time, the tone is significantly improved and the stereo effect is enhanced.

This series of speakers is not only suitable for iPhone full range of mobile phones , but also for most new models of mainstream brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

Chinese traditional ceramics meets high-tech smartphones; traditional craftsmanship combined with modern industrial design concepts.



No power, significant amplification (sound decibel measured):



Zero radiation, low carbon environmental protection


Keydo·The Voice of CHINA applicable phone model:



The Voice of China Plus : for iPhone full range of mobile phones, Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Edge, Huawei,etc.


Perfectly match Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge two flagship new machines: (now updated to S9)



All the sound holes are at the right bottom of the phone no matter what cell phone brands.



Longquan Green Type:



Chinese White Type:


Suqare Clear Jade Type:



Scene of work use: desk/desk/coffee table/bedside cabinet/outdoor/dining table/toilet/furnishings, etc.


Award-winning works:


Keydo The Voice of China won the German Red Spot Award with the title of Industrial Design Academy Award.


Keydo The Voice of China won the highest award in China's industrial design circle - the Red Star Award in China's Design



Product packaging:

The product is packed in high-grade wooden gift boxes filled with high-density EVA with suede and matched with handbags. The size of porcelain song boxes is 265 mm (long)*90 mm (wide)*80 mm (high).

The Voice of China Plus wooden box size: 273 mm (long) * 90 mm (wide) * 80 mm (high).


Products can be personally customized:


The Voice of China customized for Taiji Zen Temple (co-constructed by Ma Yun and international superstar Li Lianjie)


Acceptable customized aspects: Print the logo on the cover of the packing box, on the bottom of the chinaming, or on the front.

About Designers and Keydo Brand

Li Feng, associate professor of the Department of Industrial Design, Keyi College of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, is also a product designer. He is the founder of Keydo brand, an elite figure of industrial design in Hangzhou, and an outstanding creative designer in Zhejiang Province. He has been selected as the key talent pool of creative entrepreneurship in cultural industry of the Ministry of Culture. His works won German Red Point Award, IF Award, Chinese Design Red Star Award, Taiwan Golden Point Award and so on.

Keydo - China's original design brand, focusing on creative ceramics and other Zen related household products design. Keydo pays attention to the combination of modern life aesthetics and Chinese culture.

Design philosophy: the instrument carries the Tao and the Tao follows nature.

"Instrument Tao" comes from the
I Ching: the upper philosophy is the Tao, while the lower philosophy is the instrument. Tao refers to the method and the idea, and the instrument is the instrument and the items.

"Instrument carries Tao" is the concentrated reflection of the relationship between instrument and Tao, and also the pursuit of the realm of creation in Chinese traditional culture. It integrates ideas and concepts into objects, strives to make the design of objects conforming to the inherent law of creation, and expresses specific cultural connotations, so as to realize the unity of Tao and instrument.